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[18 Jun 2008|11:44pm]

VS Pink is doing a collaboration with many college campuses across America and is releasing a college themed line! today when I was processing I purchased the new things for my school. This will be released in stores July 8th. Will not be available for every school, and will only be available at select VS near the campus. :)

I am so excited to share these with you guys to give a sneak peek! I will post other items as I get them. ;)

Go Terps!

follow the pink dog :)Collapse )
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California Class Action lawsuit against VS!! [17 May 2008|12:17pm]

I found this in my newspaper yesterday:

Notice to Class of Proposed Settlement[...]
The Class is defined as:

Persons who applied for an hourly sales position (sales associates, sales support associates and cashiers) at a Victoria's Secret Stores, LLC lingerie store ("Victoria's Secret") between March 29, 2002 and August 7, 2007 in California and had an unpaid job preview.

An "unpaid job preview" for the position of sales associate and cashier is that part of the interview process in which an applicant goes onto the sales floor of the store and interacts with customers. A job preview for the position of sales support associate is that part of the application process in which an applicant performs tasks in the back room. If you did either then you did a job preview for the purpose of being in the Class.[...]

If you qualify as a member of the Settlement Class and submit a timely and valid Claim Form, you may get a Victoria's Secret gift card in the amount of $67.50 from the class action settlement. The Court must approve the terms of the Settlement as fair, adequate, and reasonable to the Class. The Settlement will affect all members of the Class.

If you are a current Victoria's Secret employee, your decision as to whether or not to submit a Claim Form will in no way affect your employment with Victoria's Secret.

$67.50?? I'll take it. For more info, go to www.vsclassaction.com
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HEYYY GIRLS! [16 Dec 2007|08:03pm]

I used to work at VS as a csl and I used to be really active in this community when I was working there. I am in grad school right now and we have to do a multi-genre project. I am writing mine on gossiping at victoria's secret. I was hoping you could share some gossip stories with me and maybe... if we have a poet among us if you could write a poem about gossiping at vs. The project is due wednesday and I am having sucha hard time coming up with ideas. hopefully you can help.

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oh how times have changed [10 Jul 2007|12:27am]

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[09 Jul 2007|05:01pm]

Are associates allowed to return Semi-Annual Sale items? I just bought a bra on SAS that I was sure would fit, so I bought it without trying it on. As my luck would have it, it's a little big. I'm not scheduled to work again until after the SAS ends and I really don't feel like running in there before then, lol.
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[26 Jun 2007|10:24am]

I know this community is mostly ex-employees now, but can someone tell me what happened to my Angel Demi with Lace?! Did they discontinue it for one of those hideous ipex contraptions? I looked all over the website and couldn't find anything. I'll be so sad if it's gone.
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Welcome to Victoria's Secret; do you have an Angel's Card? [25 Jun 2007|10:22pm]

Name: Rebekah
Age: 21
Store Location & Number: #852, Marlton, NJ
Status: sales associate
Time with Company: two months
Favorite Collection & Bra: Angel's collection, Angel's Secret Embrace (so comfortable for everyday, and pretty, too!)
Favorite thing about working at VS: my fellow newly-hired co-workers
Least Favorite thing about working at VS: the segment updates over the headsets; too much pressure to hard-sell merchandise and credit. I'm only a seasonal employee who is not necessarily planning on returning next summer, and recently had to sit through a meeting with the new store manager that was all about how our store can become a platinum team. We were told that we're either on board for becoming platinum, or we're not. I'm sorry, but I'm only here until August. While I want the store to be successful, I don't live and breathe the potential platinum status of #852 like you apparently do. It's a little too much pressure for a summer job, but they're the first place that hired me, so I'm going to stick it out.
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Hello Ladies! [29 May 2007|06:57pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I just wanted to tell you all how excited I am that I'm finally being promoted to CSL. I'm nervous about this AIM program thogh, has anyone already been through it, who can enlighten me perhaps?

Thank you!
Love you all!

Sara xOxOx

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newbie! [23 May 2007|02:03am]

When you guys first join, please entitle your entry "Welcome to Victoria's Secret, do you have an Angels Card?"

Name: Cara  
Age: 24
Store Location & Number: can't remember the number, but galleria at pittsburgh mills
Status:sales associate
Time with Company: 2 weeks, but I've been buying vs for years.  I think my first real bra was from vs.
Favorite Collection & Bra: I guess the ipex collection.  And my fave bra would be the converitable vertical cup bra.
Favorite thing about working at VS: The discount and wearing vs sweats to work.
Least Favorite thing about working at VS: Lousy customers  
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Welcome to Victoria's Secret, do you have an Angels Card? [19 May 2007|07:19pm]
Name: Hannah
Age: 22
Store Location & Number: Mall St. Matthews 513 (Transferred from Eastland Mall 538)
Status: Sales Associate
Time with Company: 3 1/2 years
Favorite Collection & Bra: Very Sexy & Very Sexy Infinity Edge Push-Up
Favorite thing about working at VS: First dibs on everything
Least Favorite thing about working at VS: On calls
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Hiiiyyyaaa Guys. Have you heard about the Angels Credit Card? =p [04 May 2007|12:10am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Name: Tara
Age: 18
Store Location & Number: I don't remember the number but the location is Galleria @ Tyler in California.
Status: Sale's Associate.
Time with Company: About half a month.
Favorite Collection & Bra: Alright, honestly, i'll always ADORE Very Sexy and Pink but my favorite bra at the moment is the Secret Embrace Push-up. I'm waiting for my first paycheck to buy it! and to apply for that pesky credit card!
Favorite thing about working at VS: I'm working at my favorite store, basically. I love the products I work with and what the company represents. Blah Blah Blah. I'm really liking my new CSL because she got me out of my shell so she's my new role model. hahaa
Least Favorite thing about working at VS: The panty tables and being new and not knowing how to do things as well as the other girls.

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suing vs [30 Apr 2007|09:51pm]

did anybody else get a letter in the mail about a class action lawsuit against victoria's secret?

I think it might only be in CA, though...
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[23 Apr 2007|02:07pm]

How much longer until we get a new CD? >_<
How often do they change the music anyway?
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[11 Apr 2007|10:49pm]

So i passed my interview and all your tips totally helped so thank you so much!!!
now, im nervous about the onboarding...whats involved in that?
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[06 Apr 2007|11:54am]

i'm going in for an interview today...
what to expect?
tips? tricks?
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soo... [25 Feb 2007|09:04pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

Anyone else being scheduled only 4 hours a week? I don't understand why i was hired in the first place if they can only give me 4 hours. It's not like this is a high school job for me or anything. I live on my own and pay tons of bills. It's my only obligation too. When they hired me they were like "oh you can work any shift?! that's awesome!" my first week i had nearly 30 hours, it seems like they've just been decreasing more and more since then. Please tell me my store isn't the only one that does this to it's employees.

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pay raises..? [04 Feb 2007|01:08pm]

I'm not sure how many people are still active in this community BUTTT.. i asked one of my managers the other day about the policy on rasies, and she said that they do reviews once a year in March, but you have had to of been there since march the previous year.. like even if you were hired in april the previous year you couldnt get a review.. is this correct? wtf it doesnt sound right to me. and if it isnt correct.. can each individual vs have their own policies on pay increases? grr. BTW! someone SHIT in our fitting rooms the other day!!! HAHAHAHAH hahah ahha like an adult, let me just say it was definetly NOT from a child...damn its like a zoo up in our store. tia!
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"Welcome to Victoria's Secret, do you have an Angels Card?" [04 Feb 2007|09:01pm]

"....Are you sure? You get 50% of bras and free panties... :D"
Store Location & Number: Santa Clara, Ca #050138
Status: Associate/Cashier
Time with Company: 7 months
Favorite Collection & Bra: Collection: SLT. Bra: Definetlyyy VS infinity edge extreme push up
Favorite thing about working at VS: Discount, first look at all upcoming collections, helping make segments, dressing sexy to work :)
Least Favorite thing about working at VS: Getting put on the floor, Perfect closes,folding gstrings with fatty sensors, replenishing, ibcs in general, clients that dont listen, price checks on a million items especially during sas and not buying one, red flags,when they hold you past your scheduled time, coming up to the register with items with no tags,on calls, when the scanner doesnt work, when someone comes up to the register with like 10 6 for 30 gardens,walk outs, 7am meetings, clients demolishing perfectly folded tables, when the sensor remover doesnt work, people that dont speak english, sundays, .. omg there is so mannnnnyy... downright rude grumpy clients.. i work at one of the top 10 vs' in the country so we get all walks of life >:-o and about 100000 other things
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Welcome to Victoria's Secret, do you have an Angels Card? [29 Jan 2007|02:54am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Name: Julia
Age: 20
Store Location & Number: Cape Cod, Mass... i believe our number is 244
Status: Sales Associate
Time with Company: i've been there for about 3 weeks.
Favorite Collection & Bra: I've had my eye on pretty much any of the infinity edge bras for a while now. and i like a lot of the things in pink... although there are also a bunch of things i wouldn't wear in this collection because i hate tacky slogans.
Favorite thing about working at VS: it's so much more laid back then my last job.
Least Favorite thing about working at VS: dealing with customers who no matter what you say it isn't good enough for them, or people desmolishing panty tables after i just straightened them all out... just watching them destroy something i've worked on kills me a little inside each time, ooor getting paid $2 less then my last job and not getting nearly as many hours with plenty of bills to pay.

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Potential applicant...Reference Q [28 Jan 2007|11:19pm]

Hey everyone!
I plan on applying tomorrow or the following day...
The thing is, I've only worked with my parents at my father's doctor's office and as far as references, could I put personal references? Just people that I've had long relationships with that know me really well?
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