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California Class Action lawsuit against VS!!

I found this in my newspaper yesterday:

Notice to Class of Proposed Settlement[...]
The Class is defined as:

Persons who applied for an hourly sales position (sales associates, sales support associates and cashiers) at a Victoria's Secret Stores, LLC lingerie store ("Victoria's Secret") between March 29, 2002 and August 7, 2007 in California and had an unpaid job preview.

An "unpaid job preview" for the position of sales associate and cashier is that part of the interview process in which an applicant goes onto the sales floor of the store and interacts with customers. A job preview for the position of sales support associate is that part of the application process in which an applicant performs tasks in the back room. If you did either then you did a job preview for the purpose of being in the Class.[...]

If you qualify as a member of the Settlement Class and submit a timely and valid Claim Form, you may get a Victoria's Secret gift card in the amount of $67.50 from the class action settlement. The Court must approve the terms of the Settlement as fair, adequate, and reasonable to the Class. The Settlement will affect all members of the Class.

If you are a current Victoria's Secret employee, your decision as to whether or not to submit a Claim Form will in no way affect your employment with Victoria's Secret.

$67.50?? I'll take it. For more info, go to www.vsclassaction.com
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